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At all wedding events, I will bring 3 camera bodies (2 main and a backup). The two main bodies with consist a  very high megapixel camera (either Canon 5DSR or Sony A7Rii) for extremely detailed, very large print Bridal Portraits, and a high frame rate, good low light camera which is perfect for receptions - my current choice is Canon's Flagship 1Dx_II. Every event requires different lenses given the setup and the lighting conditions but my 5 main lens will almost always be Canon's 2 Event Zooms (the 24mm-70mm F2.8 II and 70mm-200mm F2.8 II), two Primes for lower light use (a 35mm and an 85mm) and finally a Macro lens used for detailed shots. For lighting, I will use as many flashes as required, either on camera or radio controlled off camera. The investment I have made in the very high megapixel cameras will allow extremely large prints to be made if desired.

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